Belgium | 40 min |

Djibril's Forest

Wildfire Prevention Films

Djibril is a young Sahelian Sheperd who travels far to find the forest his grandfather told him so much about. He pays a high price. He is betrayed and abused only to realize that this forest no longer exists. But then his father comes to his aid. As a filmmaker, the director looks for stories that can change the world. For 8 years he was working on a trilogy about the importance of nature for mankind. First, he made a feature-length animated film about a girl who has to save nature from its extinction. Then he filmed a documentary about the indigenous people of Brazil who are fighting not only for their own survival but for the lives of everyone on this earth. With the fiction-short film 'La Fôret de Djibril', he ends this trilogy with a very relevant contemporary film.

Film Stills

Film will be available from November 14th


Thomas Ceulemans