South Africa | 94 min |


Wildlife Conservation Films

This is an insiders’ view of one of the greatest river systems on the planet. It is presented as a love letter and explores the layers of paradise, limbo, and inferno in a natural history echo of Dante’s Divine Comedy, a quest to find the real Okavango, a river of dreams, or beauty of conflict and turmoil. It has real wildlife drama with a lioness who overcomes the greatest challenge of life, and warthogs who bunk up with hyenas. Elephants gently take us on their journey and hippos clash in the water, that water that is made up of trillions of droplets joining, flowing, raging, and winding on down 500 miles or more of open pristine landscape. And what we discover is that this river is a reflection of us, she is humbled and hostile, a jewel and a rough storm, a nightmare for some, a dream for all of us, animal and human alike.

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Film will be available from November 14th


Dereck Joubert, Beverly Joubert
Traude Botha
Jolene van Antwerp