[Translate to Armenian:] "Exploring Biodiversity of Rivers and Streamlets in Armenia"


[Translate to Armenian:] The GTZ-Sustainable Management of Biodiversity Program launched in 2010 a nationwide environmental education campaign under the slogan: “Exploring Biodiversity of Rivers and Streamlets in Armenia’’. The campaign reached out to children aged 10 to 15 years. One of the partners in the implementation was FPWC. The SunChild Eco-club members in all regions participated in the water monitoring and submitted their results to GTZ. The SunChild Eco-club Dilijan for example analyzed the quality of Aghstev river. For their excellent and well presented data compilation the SunChildren of Dilijan were awarded with a microscope. The GTZ water monitoring workshop was also spread to even the most remote Armenian villages by FPWC’s Green Bus. Learn more about the campaign in this film: