Sunchild Summer Camp 2009


More than 50 young nature lovers from all marzes of Armenia and Karabakh gathered together in Tsakhkadzor from July 28th to August 30th to participate in “Sunchild” summer camp.

“Sunchild” summer camp is being organized every year by the "Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets in the Republic of Armenia" (FPWC) together with Armenia’s leading mobile operator VivaCell-MTS for the members of “Sunchild” eco-clubs.

This year the organization of the summer camp is also being supported by GTZ and UNICEF.

From 10 to 15 years old young people after a year of studies gather to sum up what they have learned and to get ready for a new school year through intensive courses of studies.

During the summer camp children learned biodiversity in general and particularly biodiversity of Tsakhkadzor, learned how to manage hard domestic waste, assembled an instrument that accumulates solar energy, went on tours and learned the prospects of eco-tourism development, listened priest Minas's Green Theology lessons, and danced national dances. During journalism and photo/video courses ecological problems of Tsakhkadzor were revealed and sounded in a film.

On 6th of August children will present results of their 10 days' work in an ecological EXPO, which will take place in the House of Writers in Tsakhkadzor. Guests will have the possibility to observe little ecologists' work in every booth: paper recycling, testing of the instrument which accumulates solar energy, will learn skills of «life», will watch a film and learn to dance.

These children, who came from different villages and cities of Armenia, have been brought here by the Nature and the danger that all those good and kind things that surround us may disappear tomorrow by a slight touch of human hand.

“We want to see ecological education as not just ideology. This ideology should become a lifestyle for people since their early childhood, when a person and a citizen is being formed” – says Ruben Khachatryan, the Foundation director.

“Protection and maintenance of biodiversity of Armenia is one of the causes to which VivaCell-MTS is committed as a corporate citizen. Organization of environmental education campaigns aimed at behavior change of the youth from early age is one of the most effective means of environmental protection. This is the reason why VivaCell-MTS is providing ongoing support to the environmental events organized by FPWC. Even more, we feel ourselves as an owner of this event, because we care,” noted VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.